Product Manager

Paris, Île-de-France, France


Web browsers haven’t changed in 20 years: it’s time to rethink your work-environment We’re looking for a passionate product manager to join our quest!

🚀 What is Station?

Browsers have evolved to become the central way we do pretty much anything: shopping, scheduling, invoicing, monitoring, calling, texting, reading, watching, listening, writing, sharing: you name it.

Along the way, as millions of humans were shifting to the browser as their main work tool, it started to show some weaknesses. That is why we built Station: to ease people's workday by centralising all their web tools in a neat & permanent interface.

We launched in October 2017, and it's been pretty intense:

👉 More info about who we are just here

🔭 What’s our vision?

We want to build the one app to rule them all: ****a platform that unifies all your web tools in a single interface and that allows you to be 10x more productive at work.

We envision Station as the operating system for SaaS that will:

  1. Provide a delightful user experience, specifically designed for work
  2. Be an open platform for developers to improve the user-experience of their product
  3. Help companies manage their stack of web apps

💪 What’s your mission?

As Station's first product manager, you'll take ownership of critical parts in the making of the browser of the future:


→ Eventually, as one of the early members of Station, you’ll be shaping its future. Kindness, sense of belonging and pleasure at work are important things for us: we’ll spend a lot of time together, might as well have fun and enjoy the ride!


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